General Purpose Cleaning

Facility care solutions improve cleaning and safety, every facility has a personality that leaves an impression on every guest. But even the slightest thing — a spill, a frayed mat, fingerprints — can instantly change a guest’s experience. That’s why we’re dedicating our science, technology and innovative spirit to developing the systems that help you provide a safe and welcoming experience for your guests.

Maintaining a clean, sanitary facility is no small undertaking. 3M can help you take control of your chemical program with safe, accurate solutions. Clean – it’s complicated. Keeping a fresh face on your facility requires a myriad of different cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting products, all used in the right place, in the right amount. Too much and you could damage surfaces, too little and your guests may be exposed to dirt and germs. 3M makes this complex challenge simple with its wide array of chemical concentrates and chemical management systems.

Don’t let dust define your building’s image. From floors to fans, 3M solutions will help you consistently and effectively remove unwanted dirt and debris.