Commercial & Consumer Care

At 3M, we are experts in helping you realize the power and potential of your brand. We partner with maintenance professionals to develop the floor care, cleaning, graphics and safety solutions you need to deliver the highest quality experience for your customers. Our sponges, hand pads and floor mops help you deliver the brightest floor and cleanest kitchen possible. Our buffing pads, floor protectors and dusters keep your office building or school looking brand new. And our safety mats and anti-slip technologies help keep your employees and reputation safe.

Facilities management & Commercial cleaning:

Facility care solutions improve cleaning and safety, every facility has a personality that leaves an impression on every guest. But even the slightest thing — a spill, a frayed mat, fingerprints — can instantly change a guest’s experience. That’s why we’re dedicating our science, technology and innovative spirit to developing the systems that help you provide a safe and welcoming experience for your guests.

At 3M, we engineer our facility care systems to be more effective, require fewer steps and reduce dust, dirt, hair and debris.