Fini Master

Sanitising machine for flat surfaces:

Do you need to brush, roughen, clean or polish work pieces? It’s all possible with the Finimaster satinising machine, a machine that combines higher user comfort with a finish comparable to that of a stationary machine. With the Finimaster, you can generate a uniform finish in less time, especially on flat surfaces. There are many consumables available for this satinising machine, as can be found in the various sets.

Finimaster PRO – Sanitising machine for larger sanding wheels:

This powerful satinising machine with an extremely high torque ensures amazing power transmission. The adjustable speed guarantees comfort and is user-friendly.

The ingeniously placed handle ensures 100% controllable working pressure.

The result is an uniform and flawless finish in less time and using less material on sheet material as well as on round and square tubes.

Regardless of whether we are dealing with satinising, structuring, homogenising, brushing, roughing, cleaning, polishing, … the Finimaster combines high user-friendliness with a finish similar to that of a stationary machine. The Finimaster’s great zest for work can be seen in the wide variety of brushes, belts and finishing and grinding wheels that can be used on this machine.