Disc Sanders

Designed for comfort and power, the 3M™ pneumatic disc sanders feature: 3M™ Gripping Material for a secure grip with less effort; a 97° head for decreased wrist strain; easy-handling and compact design for less vibration. 3M™ Roloc™ Disc Pads can directly mount to sander without collet.

3M™ Disc Sanders have a lightweight, compact design and a 97-degree head that allows for greater wrist comfort and control. They also include a comfortable, full coverage grip that absorbs vibration and moderates cold temperatures caused by air flow.

3M™ Gripping Material, provided on the hand grip area of the disc sanders, has a two-fold effect. First, it makes grip more secure. Second, it allows a more effortless grip, which over time can help reduce fatigue. Whether in wet or dry conditions, it provides a grip you can rely on.

The 1 HP disc sander features a removable and repositionable side handle to accommodate right- or left-handed use, allowing the operator to run the tool comfortably from any angle.