3M™ Fibre Disc Back-up Pad, 115 mm

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The 3M™ Fibre Disc Backup Pad is a specially designed, hard, ribbed backup pad that forms part of our highest performance fibre disc range, Cubitron™ II. Boasting precision shaped grain technology and available in a range of dimensions, this product is the ideal accessory for a number of applications.

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Get the most from your abrasive discs with our tough 3M™ Fibre Disc Backup Pad. Our hard rubber pads provide firm, consistent support for 3M fibre discs on right angle and other sanding and grinding tools. They are compatible with a wide range of 3M face plates – simply choose the ideal density for your job.

The pads work with the vulcanized fibre backing on the abrasive disc, helping it to conform to the surface for a smooth consistent finish during grinding and sanding. They reduce the vibration and chunking that degrades discs and help to ensure that the ceramic mineral abrasive on the fibre disc will continually self-fracture as designed – instead of breaking off in unused chunks.

Our 7/8” diameter centre hole mount attaches firmly to grinding and sanding tools using a disc retainer nut*.
Using our fibre disc back-up pad helps you get the most from each automotive body finishing application, and from your entire automotive body operation.

*Sold separately


  • Specially Designed, Hard, Ribbed Backup Pad
  • Hard rubber construction works with fibre disc backing for consistent support
  • Reduces vibration for greater operator comfort
  • Designed to resist chunking for longer abrasive life
  • Optimized belt speed for 3M™ Abrasive Belts and Scotch-Brite™ Belts

Suggested Applications

  • Use with a range of face plates to support 5” Dual Action fibre discs on right angle sanders and maximise abrasive discs
  • Get the most from each automotive body finishing application and from your entire automotive body operation

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