3M™ Cubitron™ II Flap Disc 969F, 115 mm, 80+, Conical

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3M™ Cubitron™ II Flap Disc 969F is made with layers of abrasive material. Our flap discs are unique in design and feature a fast cutting abrasive material on flaps of tough polyester cloth. These discs come with a grinding aid and semi-flexible, Y-weight, backing gives each flap excellent strength.

  • Sub-Category: Industrial Abrasives & Finishing
  • Pieces Per Box: 10
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For metal grinding and finishing, use 3M™ Cubitron™ II Flap Disc 969F. Featuring 3M Precision Shaped Grain layered on flaps of tough polyester cloth, our discs are designed to handle aggressive sanding applications, providing a smooth, clean finish.

Each flap wears down to expose fresh abrasive mineral, assuring a fast and consistent cut. The semi-flexible, Y-weight backing gives the abrasive excellent strength, durability, and the ability to handle high unit pressure applications like bevelling and slag removal. The grinding aid ensures the disc runs at a cooler temperature, and helps prevent discolouration on metal surfaces

These attributes make 969F a good match for projects that require an equally durable and versatile abrasive disc.

Flap disc design
Coated abrasive flap discs are the ideal choice for moderate grinding, blending, bevelling, scale removal, and finishing on a variety of metals. The abrasive flaps offer a long lasting supply of fresh abrasives in a load resistant design. Though designed for use with a right-angle grinder, the flap disc design allows for creative application to fit whatever job you might have.

The Cubitron™ II Advantage
3M Cubitron II abrasive products have raised the bar for high-performing abrasives. 3M engineers started with 3M Ceramic Abrasive Grain and used technology to electrostatically orient each triangular structure on the backing to form sharp peaks and maximise cutting potential. These peaks act like individual cutting tools that slice through metal, and continuously shelf-sharpen as the points break off, ensuring extended high performance in heavy-duty production applications. The grains wear evenly and provide extra-long life and consistency with less grinding pressure. The result is that Cubitron™ II products out-cut and outlast every conventional ceramic industrial abrasive product on the market, maximising productivity and minimising belt stress and operator fatigue.


  • Abrasive flap design provides a soft and smooth cut on rounded or irregular surfaces
  • Flaps wear down to expose fresh abrasive mineral, assuring a fast and consistent cut
  • Cubitron™ II abrasive cuts exceptionally fast, helping increase productivity
  • Durable polyester backing material for high unit pressure applications
  • Resin bonding material handles the heat of grinding applications
  • Great for applications where finish is important

Suggested Applications

  • Use for high unit pressure applications such as bevelling and slag removal